jueves, 20 de diciembre de 2018

Sesión especial humorística "BCN TM se va de crucero" 19 diciembre 2018

En esta sesión tan especial y con tanto buen humor, hicimos un reportaje en directo para el Twitter. Aquí os dejamos los tweets para sigáis perfectamente el crucero. Fue nuestro "The love boat".

Firmado: Stephanie Vuitton. 

martes, 11 de diciembre de 2018

Sesión del 21 de noviembre 2018

Barcelona Toastmasters Club’s session on November 21’st was full of encouraging and motivational speeches. Before proceeding with the post, I want to say that since I joined the club, some weeks ago, every Wednesday has become a kind of mandatory and very profitable occasion at the club, not only because the energy and good vibes you feel among all the people, but for the very friendly and positive environment as well.
 Well, back to duty, that Wednesday'session started with a notoriously nervous sergeant of arms calling to start the session. I'm completely sure about his feelings because, in fact, it was me performing that role for the first time. Secondly, our president, Isabel Montero Garcés, opened the night and called for the visitors to introduce themselves, as well as introducing our Toastmaster of the night, Adrien Frouin, who rose to the occasion despite the fact it was the first time for him in this role.

The team

Anne - Sophie Batta was in charge of the ah - counter role, the suspicious mind whose main task was to catch the disruptive words pronounced during speeches, like ah, eh, oh or similar. Performing as the grammarian was Anna Cebrian, and her main task was to detect the wrong use of the language and, of course, call applauses when a good usage is found. Sonia Vilela was ruling the dictatorship of the time, in order to preserve the session duration and me, again, took the role of the blogger in order to publish all what happened during the night.

The beginning: If tomorrow never comes

Alvaro Fernández Martínez gave us his second speech, with a very touching topic concerning the importance of enjoy living and being in the present.
His main objectives were to focus on a strong opening and conclusion, and fulfil the advices given by the Competent Communication Manual - 2. The speech was full of messages, with a lot of real and daily life examples. It was, in resume, an invitation of reflection. A very accomplished speech, but one note: the gestures could have been improved ( very stiff expression ) The pauses and the silences were effective and well appreciated.

The middle earth: Between Two Breaths

Sebastian Tunnel is very passionate about Scuba Diving. For him, this activity means a pleasure and a way to disconnect from the fantasies of real life. In his speech, he shared with all of us one of his deepest passions, and invite us to try it in order to enjoy a peaceful moment. Based on the Competent Communications Manual - 3, his main focuses were on organising a speech to achieve general and specific purposes, project sincerity and conviction, control nervousness, among others.

His thoughts and speech really attracted the attention of all the public, and he closed it with a very soft and relaxing video which really showed the calmness you can obtain by practising scuba diving.

Believe it or not: Fact and fiction

Angela gave this speech a few weeks ago. An image of an apple is as real as an apple itself? It depends. According to Angela, it is! And reality just depends on our brain. Her interesting topic was supported by new gestures and a slightly
different attitude during her discourse, without losing any of her very contagious personality, charisma and good vibes on the stage. Her main objectives were to take in mind and apply previous feedback and evaluation. She fulfilled all of them and gave us a more structured and clear presentation.

Digging into the human mind: Unforgettable

Our president, Isabel Montero Garcés, took us into a world that surrounded us but in most of the cases, we don’t see: Alzheimer's. As usual, she started with a strong introduction, catching the public’s attention since the beginning of her speech. Her discourse was supported not just for a good knowledge of the topic, but for her attitude, gestures and visual supports as well. What I like the most (and this is a common pattern in her speeches) is the passion, energy and a very structured discourse, all requirements that make her discourse unforgettable. Her main focus was to organize for easy understandability and retention and motivate the audience to learn. Of course, all of the requirements were fully fulfilled.

And last but not least, Lluis Carreras introduced the Table Topics, in which Olga Escribano took the plaudits with her impressive performance and charisma. 

lunes, 10 de diciembre de 2018

Sesión 14 noviembre 2018

Sesión Toastmater. Miércoles 14 de Noviembre de 2018. Sesión No. 466.

Sargento de Armas: Martin Kravchenko.
Toastmaster: Jaume Albiol

Equipo Técnico:
Ah Counter:
Grammarian: Yanina Macia. Palabra del día: “Afable”
Time Keeper: Martin Kravchenko
Soledad Castellano. Table Topics.
Enrique Álvarez. Evaluador general.

Nuestra presidenta Isabel da la bienvenida y abre el toastmaster de hoy hablando sobre la gente toxica y que seguramente conocemos o hemos estado cerca de personas negativas, pesimistas y que critican todo lo que se le cruce, pero los miércoles se vive todo lo contrario, porque  toastmasters es ese subidón de energía que se necesita cada semana y nos encontramos rodeados de buena vibra y mucha armonía.

Jaume Albiol, ha manejado magistralmente la noche y le ha preguntado a cada uno de lo que tienen participación, si alguna vez se han hecho un tatuaje, se lo haría o que piensan acerca de ellos. Cada uno dio su opinión y respuestas muy honestas al respecto.

Primer Discurso: Adaliz Sayago. No andes brujas

Es el segundo discurso de Adaliz, y nos ha explicado que si quieres aprender a superar las crisis económicas que te aparecen en la vida hay que salir de brujas. Cuenta sus anécdotas y hazañas a lo largo de su vida y como ha superado cada crisis convirtiéndose en una oportunidad para alcanzar sus sueños y vencer el miedo. Nos habla de emprendimiento y de reinventarse porque que siempre se puede seguir adelante.

Segundo Discurso. José J. Güell. Ten peor coche que tu vecino
Nos habla un poco del significado de la libertad financiera y nos explica sencillos pero eficaces consejos para empezar a cambiar nuestra forma manejar el dinero. Introduciendo conceptos como pre-ahorro, no endeudándonos innecesariamente y concluyendo que se trata de gestionar tus ingresos actuales para poder mirar al futuro y alcanzar la libertad que todos buscamos.

Tercer Discurso. David Castel.  100 pesetas.
Un discurso conmovedor y muy motivador. David nos cuenta una historia personal de como la confianza generada por su abuelo, hacia él, hizo que creyera en el mismo y que pudiera ganar su primera competencia de natación. Su anécdota personal nos ha hecho reflexionar, ya que las palabras correctas, en el momento correcto, elevan el espíritu de las personas para ser mejores.