jueves, 16 de diciembre de 2010

15th Dec 2010

Quick update from our last meeting before Xmas ... you see all roles on Easy-Speak anyway: 4 Table Topics about getting to know people, or getting rid of them again - Thank you, Maria del Mont! This was followed by 3 Icebreakers and 1 speech project #5. Marc told us why he joined Toastmaster, and in between we got to know a little about his work. Ana told us about the 3 most important decisions in her life: a European rail trip, going to London and going the Camino de Santiago. That last one must have been fun, because she met an interesting guy there, who would follow with his own icebreaker right after her: Riccardo from Italy shared some of his own adventures with us, closing the circle back to Ana, and sharing the link to his blog. Peter presented us The 7 P's = "Proper Planing Prevents Piss Poor Performance", a very nice, entertaining yet informative spin on the 5 P's of marketing. Our speech evaluators were full of praise, as always. Many thanks to Joan, David, Djanira and Dale. Among the learnings & recommandations for improvement, we heard how important it is to know where your hands are - ideally outside of your pocket, and how walking or pacing from left to right can give the impression of nerviousness, as well some hints on eye contact and facial expressions to compliment the body language that we project with your hands, arms and the rest of the body. General Evaluator Sue pointed out that we should try to have the chart with the TM Educational Tracks and the current DCP status visible. From the other reports I really liked Marisol's list of special words we use, which I as a foreigner still struggling with Spanish at times did indeed appreciate.

David closed of his 6 month of President, congratulating our 4 speakers who earned themselves a ribbon each (photo above). The Year 2010 has been the most successful in the club's history, so we can all be proud of our achievements. David will now be Immediate Past President, responsible for the nominations in preparation of the next elections. January we will welcome M.A. as our new President, who hopefully recovers from his cold ahead of Xmas ... you've been missed, Sir, thank you for making the extra effort to come to the committee meeting before the normal session!

Felices Fiestas, everyone. Yours, Kai.

viernes, 3 de diciembre de 2010

2010 Reverse session and Xmas party

On Wednesday Dec 1st our Club had the first of the two last sessions of this fantastic year 2010 for Barcelona Toastmasters. Almost 40 people attended the session so we had to book a larger room at EAE. Being it a completely reverse, upside-down session, the choice of the Word of the Day was totally appropriate: "Surreal" (thanks Sue!!).

The reverse session dynamics, carefully prepared in advance by our VPEs Cormac and Pilar, implied that we started the session by evaluating the session (M.A. the General evaluator using his crystal ball), then evaluating the Speeches, then actually doing the Speeches, next we did the Table Topics (thanks Liz and Judit for the name raffle), announcing the Table Topic theme (David had to make magic), finally Peter our SAA welcoming everyone to the session (please turn your mobiles offfff).

Both the evaluators (Djanira, Kai, Sue) and speakers (Pilar, María, Marina) had to guess and/or adapt their speeches and evaluations to what was coming next, making it all the more fun, and, surreal!

After that we all enjoyed a well-deserved Xmas dinner party at the Llar del Pa Torrat, our classic hangout after sessions. Adrian made some pics of the evening!

Have a great "pont",
VP PR, Barcelona Toastmasters

P.S. The one who must REALLY have thought we're surreal is the unnanounced-waltz-in-late guest whom we never identified, never got an e-mail from him requesting to come, and who of course didn't get the info that we were conducting a Reverse session. As we say in Spanish, debe haber flipado!!! jejeje

lunes, 22 de noviembre de 2010

2010 District 59 Humorous Speeches

Every year after summer, when the fall's humorous speech contests start at the clubs, many of us ask ourselves "what could we possibly talk about, that will make the audience laugh?"

During the Barcelona district 59 conference 2010, there were 10 Division winners presenting their prepared humorous speeches. This write up is from the scribbles I took (between laughing, wiping tears from my eyes, and trying to not fall off my chair).

1. Karen (UNIL-EPFL, Div E) - "Pain". Karen's speech topic was being misunderstood. It started with language/pronounciation, and how her friend Frank is spelling his own name with a strong russian accent "You mean F like in Frank?". Karen then explained how she tries to buy bread in French, cycling through various pronounciations of "pain". Then the funniest part was during a date when she was stating that she likes "foreign movies" a little bit too quickly ("for'gn movies"), and the guy took it as a genre that starts with a "P" instead. Imagine the conversation - are you watch those movies often? "whenever I can." Do you watch them alone? "Sometimes alone, or sometimes with my girl friends." Karen than pointed out that when you are misunderstood, you're in good company, with Galileo for example. There was a pun or two on George W. Bush, being misunder-stood at times, and misunder-estimated at others. Towards the closure, Karen referred back to Pain, P0rn and Pa' (french bread). What a start!

2. Philippe (The Europeans, Div B) presented his advice on how to create a really bad speech on purpose, and demonstrated his tips in his own one. The possibilities include a strong accent, no preparation, no structure, a strong disconnect from the audience, being boring, and leaving a very bad last impression, etc. As part of his speech he almost left the room, came back on stage with a coffee in his hands, and also had great examples on how you can lose yourself in sub-stories and further disconnected anectodes, losing the red thread completely. Very unique.

3. Peter M (Prestigious Speakers Barcelona, Div H) - "Murphy's Queue", accompanied by cheers from the conference organizing team. Peter looked into queuing (standing & waiting in line), and how an average person spends 6 months of their life in queues - "a prison sentence". He explained from his experiement at the supermarket's check-out queues, and all the things that happened there. Barcodes that don't work, fruit that still needs to be weight, wifes who plant their husbands in the queue with just a few items in his basket, only to join him later with a huge trolley full of products. Oh, and those old ladies who pay coin by coin in slow motion up to the exact amount. For those of us who have seen this speech before in our clubs / area / division - the end was more compact, without the call to Peter's wife, and the flip chart was not used. "Smile, tomorrow will be worse."

4. Daniel (Brussels, also Div B?). Like Karen, Daniel's speech was also on misunderstandings and languages, and how even the experts / bilingual / etc. can get it wrong at times. I must have followed his speech very carefully, since my only scribbles say "german girl" and "meat taken by surprise".

5. Ryan (Leiden, Div J) explained us that Table Topics (TT) should stop being Terror Topics / Torture Time, and we Toastmasters should start selling it into the medical industry, for example for muscle relaxation (bended knees?). We'd all be rich and buy ourselves a Toastmasters island, and fly with Toastmaster Airlines.

6. Peter S is from Esprit De Corps, Div F. His speech was about IKEA, and his relationship with the Swedish furniture chain. Apparently he has moved flats just to live closer to one, and his trip to Barcelona included visiting both IKEAs here ;) I could totally identify myself in his speech, as he explained how you go to buy furniture, and end up bringing coloured napkins and candles home.

7. Vera (Prague, Div D) presented her speech around flying, and especially the airport security. She presented ideas on how full body scanners and pat downs should be turned into a service, the Airport Spa, including massages and a dentist (using the x-ray pictures). "The more you fly, the brighter your smile." Being a frequent flyer myself, I really would see those ideas being put into practice!

8. Representing Stockholm, Div G, Adam's winning speech was about forbidden topics in our talks. He started teasing us to the use of the F-word, only to pronounce fffffffffffffffffellow toastmasters. he went on to describe the speech projects that should be included in advanced manuals around politics, religion ("Start a cult") and sex ("how to take your evaluator home"). Among other things, there was also a pun on a "No-Question", such as "Do you really want to go out with the boys tonight?" when asked by your wife with a strong facial expression and while shaking her head. All content was related to being sensible, sensitive but not censored. I felt the audience reaction was very strong during this speech, and knew this would put Adam comfortably in front.

9. Olivia's speech was also on Flying, but instead of the security checks, she focused on the cabin luggage rules (Ryanair) and flying with 2 Kids. On her lucky days, she boards the plane and finds no combination of 3 free seats together. So she gets to have some time "off", while her kids can bombard some other passenger with their "why" questions ;) Hilarious!

10. Mel - "Evaluating Mel". The speech starts at a date, where Mel's Kissing skills have received a harsh evaluation. The second example is around Mel's salsa dancing. The overall topic is how we take evaluations when outside our clubs, and that sometimes we should just listen, even if the feedback is "a sandwidth technique without the bread." Kissing, dancing, speaking: you try, you get feedback, then you try again. There was a nice Winston Churchill quote: "There are two things that are more difficult than making an after-dinner speech: climbing a wall which is leaning toward you and kissing a girl who is leaning away from you."

I'd like to congratulate all contestants, and say THANK YOU for entertaining us so well.

Results were revealed after the deserts during the gala dinner. 1st Adam, 2nd Karen, 3rd Peter M.
There were 2 disqualifications for going more than 30 seconds over time.

Almost Distinguished

Congratulations to Cormac for completing his CL manual. With this already reported to HQ, our club looks quite good in the Distinguished Club Program (DCP), with 4 out of 10 goals already accomplished.

To date, there are 15 others clubs in our district (#59 Continental Europe) that also are at 4 goals, but not a single club has reached "Distinguished Status" (5 goals) yet.

Could we possibly be the first???
We'd need 1 more CC, or 1 more CL / AL, or 1 AC award.

miércoles, 13 de octubre de 2010

Table Topics and Humorous Speech Contest

El pasado 28 de Septiembre, en Barcelona Toastmasters celebramos la primera fase del concurso anual de discurso humorístico y Table Topics. Fue una jornada de lo más agradable, con excelentes oradores y una gran participación de todos los miembros.

En la categoría de Table Topics, los ganadores fueron, por este orden: María Lozano, Judit Permanyer y Robert Ferrer.

En la categoría de discurso humorístico, los ganadores fueron: M.A. Garcías ("Descubre al friki"), Cormac Walsh ("The Venezuelan Mouse") y David González ("El nene, el papá y los mocos"). Y para todos aquellos que no tuvieron la suerte de asistir, aquí tenéis los discursos de David y M.A. Que los disfrutéis, y gracias a todos.

Last September 28th, Barcelona Toastmasters celebrated the first round of the yearly Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest. It was a really nice evening, with excellent speakers and great involvement from all members.

On Table Topics, winners were: María Lozano, Judit Permanyer and Robert Ferrer.

On Humrous Speech, winners were: M.A. Garcías ("Descubre al friki"), Cormac Walsh ("The Venezuelan Mouse") and David González ("El nene, el papá y los mocos"). To all of you who couldn't come, now's your chance to enjoy the speeches by David and M.A. Thanks everybody!

La siguiente cita: el Area Contest en ambas categorías, el 16 de octubre en Mallorca.

Next stop: the Area Contest on both categories, Octobre 16th in Mallorca.

jueves, 23 de septiembre de 2010

Nuevo VP Education para el club

Como ya sabéis, nuestro club Toastmaster está coordinado por un grupo de miembros que cada seis meses se ofrecen voluntarios para dirigir, organizar, coordinar y llevar a buen ritmo las actividades administrativas y de gestión que nuestras actividades exigen. Lamentablemente, una de nuestras compañeras, la actual responsable de educación (VP Education) tuvo que renunciar a su puesto en el comité de coordinación, por lo que la semana pasada, y siguiendo las reglas del club, hicimos una nueva votación para cubrir esta vacante tan importante para nosotros.

Así, tengo el placer de anunciar que Cormac Walsch, otro de nuestros miembros más activos y experimentados, toma el relevo de Sue Chien Lee y es a partir de ahora nuestro nuevo VP Education, encargándose entre otras cosas, y con la ayuda de nuestra secretaria Pilar de Obeso, de preparar las magnificas sesiones que hacemos cada miércoles y de que tengamos siempre una agenda en orden y completa para disfrutar en cada sesión.

Mi enhorabuena a Cormac por su investidura oficial como VP Education y mis mas sinceras gracias tanto a él, como a Pilar como al resto del equipo que colabora para que el club esté siempre funcionando a pleno rendimiento, y además, pasándonoslo muy bien en ello.

David González

miércoles, 8 de septiembre de 2010

And we are back

Whenever I'm away for a Toastmaster meeting, I wonder how it was. Last week I was able to attend, and here is a little report for those who couldn't be there. I start with the important club business announcements from our President David, followed by a run down of the normal session.

David announced that Sue has officially resigned from VP Education (VPE). This means in the meeting of September 15th there will be mini elections for this one position. We already have a nominee: Cormac (thank you!). If there are any other people who would like to become the VPE, please prepare a little 2 min presentation. If there is only 1 candidate, than the election will be brief by show of hands (for / against / abstinent). If there are more candidates, the secret ballot elections will be used.

The other club business topic is about the upcoming round of fall contests. Every member is allowed to compete, even those who just signed up, and it is possible to compete in both contest types:
- Humorous Speech (prepared) - 5 to 7 minutes
- Table Topics - 1 to 2 minutes

The dates for the various rounds are these:

Round 1 Club Level - Wednesday, 29th September (??? *)
- 2 winners each (Humorous / TT) move up to ...
Cormac and myself organize this round. Get in touch if you want to compete.

Round 2 Area H1 Level - Saturday, 16th October, Mallorca
please see hotel info here:
- 2 winners each move up to ...

Round 3 Division H Level (Iberia) - Saturday 6th November, Lisbon
- 1 winner each moves up to ...

Round 4 District 59 Level (Continental Europe) - Saturday 20th Nov, Barcelona
(Register & pay before September 30th to save 10 Euros!)

* = After the meeting we found out that September 29th is the general strike day in Spain. We don't know if the EAE building will be closed, and we doubt that public transport will be working reliably. Hence we are reviewing the timing, and worse case we might have to push that out one week. :-o

Now about the meeting itself. I jumped in as Sergeant at Arms, David presented Cormac as the Toastmaster of the Evening (TME). Timer Mara, Ah-Counter Djanira and Grammarian Marisol explained their roles. Then our Table Topics Master Inma presented us with the following situation: we are on a plane trip and the airline was running out of normal cabin seats due to overbooking - and kindly gave us an upgrade to a first class seat instead. So what would we say to this celebrity that sits next to us? Jordi was sitting next to Zapatero, Marisol found Belen Esteban on her side, Oscar was meeting Pep Guardiola and Adrian would chat to Amy Whitehouse. I truly enjoyed this TT session.

In the prepared speeches, Robert gave his icebreaker on how an engineer ended up in marketing. Joan gave CC speech 7 on his research around Virtual Water, and Maria presented her speech 13 (Storytelling) on a very special train trip with various persons. The speech evaluators had plenty of things to praise and highlight, too many for me to scribble them all down. I do have captured some suggestion though: Both Pilar and M.A. would recommend to focus on 1 general topic rather than indirectly adding more, and David recommended less slides to spend more time on them and putting the free hand alongside your body rather than in the pocket of the trousers. All 3 speeches were praised for being well prepared, and definitely setting a high standard for our club. General Evaluator Jose reminded us that jokes were forgotten at the beginning, and that we should have regular meeting updates (such as this one) exactly like Xavi Verde did them some time ago. Every meeting there should be one member writing them.

After all the club business - see above - President David asked the guests for feedback, and all of them were full of praise. Several of them were signing the membership application forms, so we'll hopefully hear icebreakers from Maria, Marc and Alex soon. Right after that the session was closed, and I had to run back home. Did you stay for drinks and toasts? Let me hear about it in the comments, please.

jueves, 22 de julio de 2010

Se acercan las vacaciones

Se aproximan las tan esperadas vacaciones de Agosto para muchos y en ToastMasters no podíamos estar más contentos de como han estado yendo las cosas desde principios de año. Hace tres semanas estrenamos nuevo comité de dirección y gracias al magnifico trabajo realizado en los últimos años seguimos creciendo a un ritmo increíble.

Ayer, en nuestra penúltima sesión antes de que cerremos temporalmente nuestros encuentros hasta Septiembre, nada menos que 9 invitados se unieron a nosotros, disfrutando de unas charlas que cada vez tienen más calidad y son más atractivas, incluso para los que ya llevamos tiempo escuchando a otros compañeros hablar. Cada nuevo miembro que se une al club trae unas habilidades y en muchos casos una soltura al ponerse delante de un público (amigable, pero público al fin y al cabo), que ya quisiéramos muchos en nuestros inicios preparatorios en este arte del hablar delante de la gente.

Una de las cosas que mas me gustan es cuando pedimos opinión a los que nos visitan por primera vez para preguntarles que les ha parecido la sesión. Casi todos destacan el gran ambiente jovial, distendido, amigable, de complicidad y de apoyo que nos aportamos unos a los otros. Porque sabemos que cuando tenemos que ponernos en el trabajo a vender un producto, un proyecto, dar un curso o una conferencia, la confianza adquirida en nuestras sesiones de cada miércoles son la clave para que sean todo un éxito. Eso sin contar que además de la técnica que aprendemos con cada presentación, uno se lleva con cada charla un montón de contenido e información nueva a casa sobre múltiples temas. Y es que como dice un querido miembro del club, ser parte de ToastMasters "es un chollo".

No os perdáis nuestra ultima sesión antes del cierre veraniego, lo podréis comprobar por vosotros mismos.

David González

martes, 20 de julio de 2010

Abajo, arriba y en medio

Digamos que así empieza un recorrido y mucho más cuando vamos a una montaña. Empezamos bien abajo en el metro esperando a los tortolitos que tardaron un buen rato... Luego seguimos en ascenso y con unos paisajes muy interesantes y acompañados de la fe, representada por las "mezquitas" que a las que entramos y que en lo personal fueron muy educativas. Lo más interesante de esta excursión es cuando llegó lo mejor en el medio. En ese momento tuvimos una comida catalana, donde comentamos las cuatro leyes de la vida y la teoría de que divorciarse es una de las cuatro cosas que se debe hacer en la vida. Vale la pena el esfuerzo si la recompensa al final es una agradable compañía alrededor de buena comida, vino, y uno que otro chupito...y que no se diga que hicimos unos excelentes speeches.
El Club debería organizar más actividades al aire libre, porque hace que nuestro poder de comunicación se incremente al 100%! Para terminar, me encantó la compañía de nuestro amiguito canino. Fue un gran guía y nos enseñó que la vida de perro puede ser muy fresca.
Entonces abajo nos encontramos, arriba nos esforzamos...pero no quepa la menor duda que en el medio nos divertimos. ¡¡UN HURRA POR ABAJO ARRIBA Y EN EL MEDIO!!

Marisol Cifuentes Chinchilla

viernes, 2 de julio de 2010

Toastmasters 2010 en imágenes

Una característica especial de los Toastmasters Clubs en todo el mundo es que nos ponemos retos para mejorar nuestras capacidades de oratoria y liderazgo. Estos retos se formalizan a través de una serie de proyectos incluidos en los Manuales de "Competent Communicator" (CC) y "Competent Leadership" (CL).

Una vez que un miembro de Toastmasters completa una fase de estos proyectos, es reconocido por el Club con un pequeño award simbólico.

Miembro de Barcelona Toasmaters recibiendo su award de manos del Presidente

Tal como apuntaba Joan Fabregat, nuestro anterior VP Public Relations y flamante VP Membership, los últimos han sido meses de mucha renovación en el Club, con un alto número de solicitudes de ingreso de nuevos miembros. Prueba de ello es la gran concurrencia a las sesiones de los miércoles en nuestra sede en EAE de calle Aragón 55.

Sesión de Barcelona Toastmasters en mayo de 2010

Esperamos que en los próximos meses siga creciendo en cantidad y calidad el grupo, con miembros de todos los rincones del planeta, como hasta ahora.
Marina Lussich
VP Public Relations

Resumen de actividades del Primer Semestre del 2010

Hoy, día 2 de julio es hora de hacer balance del primer semestre del año.

Durante estos meses nos hemos sentido satisfechos de como la participación en las sesiones del club se ha incrementado teniendo su punto álgido en el mes de mayo.

En algunas de aquellas sesiones, casi nos sentimos superados por los problemas logísticos asociados. Pero al final gracias a los rápidos reflejos de los miembros responsables al cargo de su organización, conseguimos superar los problemas de espacio y pudimos acomodar a todos los invitados.

Consecuencia de este movimiento es la alta rotación de miembros que ha tenido el club en estos últimos meses, prueba fehaciente de su vitalidad.

En estos momentos hay una mezcla de veteranía y principiantes muy interesante. Los miembros más veteranos tienen una gran tarea de integración y de divulgación de todas las actividades fuera de lo que son las sesiones de oratoria y que tan necesarias son para que el club continúe existiendo.

Referiéndose a la actividad dentro de las propias sesiones de oratoria, he de destacar el gran nivel de los supuestos principiantes; y lo que más me sorprende es que cuando llegan por primera vez como invitados, la gran mayoría de ellos nos comentan lo bien que lo hacemos y que ellos nunca llegarán al nivel que mostramos. ¿Que les damos para que luego se vuelvan maestros de la oratoria?.

Por otra parte, hemos realizado interesantes actividades extraordinarias. Destacamos la primera sesión en catalán del club, y la sesión en el Corte Inglés de Portal del Angel y que ya han estado comentadas en este mismo blog.

También mencionar la excursión a Collserola que ha organizado nuestro VP de Membresía para mañana mismo y del que tendremos información puntual en este mismo blog en los próximos días.

En cuanto a los concursos, mencionar que en la competición de marzo con el resto de clubs del área de Barcelona y Levante pudimos quedar segundos tanto en discurso preparado como en evaluación del discurso. Me gustaría recordaros que en el próximo mes de noviembre, tenemos el concurso de Toastmasters a nivel europeo en la ciudad de Barcelona, donde co-participamos como organizadores.

El que suscribe este artículo, ha dejado de ser VP Public Relations. Tal como mandan los estatutos de Toastmasters International, el cargo es rotatorio y por sólo seis meses. Creo que era el momento de hacer balance y exponerlo en este blog del que he sido responsable durante este periodo de tiempo.

Deseo a mi sucesor, Marina Lussich, suerte en esta, según mi opinión, corta pero interesante singladura.

Joan Fabregat
Past VP Public Relations

domingo, 14 de marzo de 2010

Sesión en el Corte Inglés

Este pasado miercoles día 10 de marzo tuvimos nuestra sesión de Toastmasters en la sala auditorio del Corte Inglés de Portal del Angel en Barcelona.

El principal objetivo de esta sesión era extender el conocimiento del sistema Toastmasters a una mayor cantidad de público, y hacerlo de una manera práctica realizando una de nuestras sesiones habituales fuera de nuestra sede.

En este sentido, la realidad superó las expectativas y se demostró que conseguir este tipo de sesiones son una acción de marketing muy efectiva para el club.

La sesión fue llevada por Juan Carlos Castañé, el miembro del club que facilitó este evento, y presidida por Kai Steinbach, nuestro actual Presidente. En sus actuaciones, ambos estuvieron excepcionales.

La Table Topic Master fue María Lozano que elegió cuatro temas de muy distinto registro, lo que enriqueció enormemente la sesión.

Los oradores de la tarde fueron, por orden de intervención, Elena Zalbidea, M.A. Garcias y David Gonzalez y sus evaluadores Joan Fabregat, Judit Permanyer y Kathryn Lum.

El evalauador general de la sesión fue Marie-Odette Gomes del Prestigious Speakers Club que además de de los evaluadores de los discursos estuvo asistida por Marta Calsina, en el control de tiempos, y Josep Carré, en el control de muletillas.

Agradecer al Corte Inglés y al personal responsable de la sala, la oportunidad que nos ofrecieron y las facilidades que obtuvimos para que la sala estuviera en las condiciones deseadas y que contribuieron al éxito de la velada.

sábado, 13 de febrero de 2010

Sessió d'oratoria en català

La sessió del passat dimecres dia 3 de febrer de 2010 va ser feta en català !!!

El nostre club Toastmasters alterna la llengua castellana i anglesa a les seves sessions habituals, però amb aquest acte ha volgut animar als seus membres a promoure iniciatives per crear altres clubs o activitats en que el català jugui un paper rellevant.

Aquesta ha estat la primera reunió en català a la xarxa Toastmasters del mon, i per tant el nostre club ha estat pioner en esta matèria. Els assistents van omplir la sala i la sessió es va desenvolupar en un bon nivell de participació i ritme.

Encara que principalment es va utilitzar el català, els membres amb dificultats per expressar se en català, ho varen fer amb les llengües titulars del Club.

El nostre Club posa el focus en la millora de les habilitats comunicatives i la superació de la por en front de la audiència deixant un gran marge de llibertat en el que fa al us de la llengua, entenent que aquest últim esta al servei de la entesa entre les persones.

jueves, 7 de enero de 2010

Some special dates for early 2010

Fellow Toastmasters and dear Guests,
Happy New Year!

(en Español)

Starting January 13th we will have our normal weekly schedule of Toastmaster meetings in EAE. This note here is about those events that are special ... outside our normal routine, so that you can plan ahead:

On January 19th (Tuesday) we are all invited to join Prestigious Speakers in Casa Orlandai. Tulia will deliver a training about the Competent Leadership manual - that might be interesting to BCN TM members, too (all English).

Our January 27th (Wednesday) meeting will not have speeches or Table Topics, and instead is dedicated 100% to club management discussions and learning. We will see what happens behind the curton and between meetings, and how to organise this. Everyone is part of this - not only the elected club committee!!!
We also need to order items from the TMi shop - send any wishes / input for that BEFORE that date directly to me (Kai).

03rd February - The World Wide VERY FIRST Toastmaster meeting En Catalá EVER. EAE.

03rd March Club Contests - Speech Evaluation & International Speech
(also in EAE, replaces a normal club meeting)

all days during March - Membership Renewal (old one ends 31st March) - € 6 per month, as always, so that is € 72 for the whole year.

10th March a Spanish meeting moved to El Corte Ingles Portal del Angel - we have room for 70 attendees. Invite all your friends ;)

20th March Area H1 Contest in Barcelona (date changed!)

24th April Division H Conference, Portugal. More details to follow.

5th May - Elections for the July-December term (as part of the normal meeting)

04th-06th June District 59 Conference, The Hague, NL

11th-14th August Internail Convention, Palm Desert, California

Any questions, feel free to get in touch or use the comments below.

lunes, 4 de enero de 2010

Day of the Kings

This is just a reminder that the EAE is closed on Jan 6th 2010, and hence the first January meeting is on the 13th.

The Club Committee

You might know that in a Toastmaster club each member has equal rights, because no one "owns" the club. For practical reasons we elect a committee on regular basis, to have just a hand full of people assigned to some roles, as primary points of contact. These leaders will do most of the decision making during their term, such as how and where to invest the money that is left after paying all the running expenses.
Despite the nomination of just some individiuals every member should feel as responsible about the club leadership and management of our club and its weekly meetings as the VP Education or the Sergeant at Arms, just to name a few.

If you wonder who the current committee members are, you should find their names on our Easy-Speak club page. If you'd like to assist them directly, or simply find out what it is they are doing - please get in touch.

Toastmasters international has more information on what the standard committee roles are about.