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Pre-Valentine's Day. February 13

Zuzana, our Toastmaster of the night, gave us great advice in this Valentine's session. "Send messages to our family, without it being Valentine's Day"
The technical team was made up of Nina as Ahh counter, Ricardo as Timekeeper and Martín as our grammarian. He gave us the word of the day "chivalrous”, which means courteous and gallant.

The first speech was made by Berta Cots, who told us about palm oil with her speech "Elaeis Guineensis". In it, he showed us the effects of its consumption both at a health and environmental level. He gave us statistics that showed the damage that his consumption causes and how we can reduce the damages caused for it, through the reduction of his consumption and having a balanced diet.

The second speech was by Maria Blancas, who transported us to the pirate era with her speech Never forget what really matters in life. This is a story of following our dreams and how we should be aware to take care of what really matters to us in life. It was a beautiful story with a great message to share.

The third speech was made by Paul Conde, ** ck St. Valentine's day! He gave us a dramatization of a wedding speech where he characterized Sophie and Juan. A speech that was clear, emotional and with a great sense of humour.

Once the prepared speeches are finished, we move on to the evaluations.
Camilla evaluated Berta and within the good of the speech was:
• It was heard loud and clear.
• The message was useful.
• Well organized and researched.
• Good use of eye contact.
Within the points of improvement is:
• She was nervous, and it showed in her voice.
• She spoke very fast.
• Don't dance on stage.
Among the recommendations she made was to do meditation to be aware of breathing and not to use difficult words on stage.

Maria Luisa evaluated Maria Blancas.
Among the points that stood out was:
• creativity in its history.
• A good introduction to the audience
• A speech with a lot of energy.
Of the points of improvement are:
• Use more the scenario.
• Do not turn your back on the public.
• Make more breaks between the characters.

Anna Cebrian evaluated Paul.
What she highlighted from the speech was:
• He had good eye contact.
• A good vocal variety.
• A good ending with humour
• Good posture during the speech.
The only improvement Anna found was to improve the structure of the speech.

Finally, Sebastián Tunnell was in charge of the table Topics. Where was very creative to improvise a noun, a verb, and an adjective to build a story.
The participants were:
Sebastián Ortega: Duck / sing / green
Guest: bug / scratch / slow
Guest: bazooka / die / red.

To end the session Emilie Jacquetton gave the general evaluation and congratulated the technical team and Álvaro for their participation.

She invited the evaluators to take the essential part of the objectives because they are long. Be more creative with the end of your speech, improve transitions and balance between what you liked about the speech and points of improvement.
Finally, she congratulated Sebastian Tunnell for the creativity and energy for the improvised speeches.


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